InVisible Skin Colour

I can't seem to wrap my head Around the ideals of the man. Keep these ones here, Those ones over there, Just so that my pockets are content. Too much to lose, Is really nothing at all, Cause you ain't got nothing Without love. Tough to choose, Happiness above, Having everything you want!


I’m Home

I have windows, I have beds, I have sofas, I have plates. I am a home, I can invite you, But who asks strangers to stay? I have cupboards, I have shelves, I have handles, I have door bells. I am a home, I can shelter you, But who Keeps the demons safe? I have... Continue Reading →


I bleed, whenever I think of you, Whenever I'm feeling blue, I bleed. I feed, the voices that aren't good, the demons I know that could, Deceive me. When it comes to truth, We really don't know how it should be. When it comes to you I feel I'll never be worthy, Of a kind... Continue Reading →


I think I'm capable, I think I'm skilled, until it all comes down to foot the bill. The cheques bounce and nothings enough to full the fill, I stare at the numbers and know the answers, The equation is simple but only to masters. I'm a novice, a child in the body of an adult,... Continue Reading →


There is this secret, I've been hiding so hard, It's like A colour, I've grown to adapt to like nothing other than breathing, and having a feeling Of pure Ecstacy, harmony, A colour called Momentary Life


I know why it seems so different, Love is even harder now. I could say it all over again, But you won't hear me out. Every time I give you a second thought, It gets easier to let the walls cave in. Seems I cannot live with or without, Letting you control every little thing

Emotional Politics

I'm a filibuster, Try to talk real slow so you think I'm smarter, Move my hands so you can't tell, I'm a mess with a stonewall high as hell. I'm a real disaster, I'll just bring you down if you come closer, But you keep on coming over here Seems you like pain and you... Continue Reading →

Love Drunk

Have a little patience, Take it slow, I don't know the difference, Of what's good, Bad feels amazing, Like it should. But I'm getting wasted, Into you.


Sometimes I really feel the holes. Inside my highs are getting low, Reaching places I just can't ignore anymore. I think I'm losing it maybe, I think I'm down for the count. I think there's trouble I'm chasing, I think I'm lost in the crowd.

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