” There is no greater agony, than bearing an untold story inside of you.”

 Maya Angelou

I have many, so please allow me to share them with you.


I have come to understand Life by two notions: being a poem and being the poet. Life is either or, at any moment. The in-betweens, the funny coincidences and bizarre events are, well…they are us! We the strange and unique people, are the living – breathing lines of poetry or the entire poem. Life channels our moments of poetry into a story. That story can be told in many mediums that grasp the essence of a person. To me, the most effective one, is through music. I am no classical musician and have no accolades to make me any kind of expert but, I am rather good at telling tales. So get cosy and comfortable, let me tell you stories of poetry, about poems that are people, experiencing life through music.