Shades of Clouds 

Nothings as good as the feeling of pain to wake you up from life's dream. It gets you and jolts through the things that you think. Causing ripples of moments to cascade in the brain  Step down, lower to feel again how the world does. You won't know what's happening, you'll be stuck believing that... Continue Reading →


I. C. You

​I see you I see you I see who you pretend to be I see you I see you I see all of you in me I see how you bend and twist all your friends So they don't see where you begin and end I see you I see you I see how you... Continue Reading →

Take A Bow

You played your part and stole the show and made me watch and get to know the real character, the real story and the true meaning, of what it's like to want to want to become someone else. You fooled me extremely, unwittingly dragging me along the train of thought that had no real destination,... Continue Reading →


I'd dive into frozen lakes where the memories sleep in blues, Fight pain and forget how cold it becomes when I'm with you, Clock ticks and my mind plays tricks on the way we play it out, Seems now and from here on out we're stuck pasting lies on truths. So if our love is tragedy,... Continue Reading →


Love will save you, but it won't save me. All pain and still no gain, I really don't need you, don't think about it too much. Enjoy the silence, believe the untruths because I'm just another thing for you, ready to be used. -  O. K.

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